Sunday, 9 November 2014

Points make all the difference...

St Louis Pub Quiz League Championship Winter 2014/15

4th November 2014

Well, it was a quiet night- obviously our casual quizzers were staying indoors hiding from the fireworks- but things went with a (small) bang in the cafe! Had some cracking rounds themed on Bonfire Night, and for those of you that couldn't make it you missed lots of exclamation marks, anarchy and throwing moustaches into a tub!

At the end of all that, some small changes at the top of the table. Issue the Flugelhorn reigned victorious (for the first time this league I believe), moving them up the table on points difference above Mynci Tennis. The absence of the storm crowd also helped Quizblorg move up into second place, but again it's on points! Can the Filthy Husbands be caught by December 16th?

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