Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Entering the home straight...

St Louis Quiz League

Round 10 - 22nd March 2016

Here we are folks- the penultimate league table! Joanna Lumley pulled away from the crowd last week; their lead has been slightly cut by Issue the Flugelhorn, but still very much all to play for for the top 6, who can mathematically still catch the leaders!

We'll have lots of banter next week in our FINAL league showdown, with prizes for the top five including champagne and the Will Barlow Memorial Trophy going to the team who can top the league at the end of it all! Oh, and a wee reminder that next week's top-up points are DOUBLED which means 20 points for first!

Anything else? Oh yeah, and the fact that Karen returned and reigned supreme on the card dealing, which means that next week's jackpot prize stands at a stonking £200! Do you need another excuse?

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Three Weeks to Go...

St Louis Quiz League

Spring 2016 - Round 8

With three weeks to go (and a potential 46 league points) this is how things look this evening! Joanna Lumley storming up to second with a fine win, and the Fairy Godhusbands putting themselves firmly back in the mix.

A wee reminder that we'll be running this season until 29th March and there are double points to play for on that date, but anything can change in one quiz night! Might even go down to league points for the first time!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Clo sose....

St Louis Quiz League - Summer 2016

Round 7...

Have a wee gander at the latest foks, still very very very close!!!

And... nobody won the £40 so £80 to play for next week!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

So close!!!!

St Louis Quiz League Summer 2016

Round 6

Another fine quiz evening was had- tonight Joanna Lumley walked out with the jackpot prize (having stolen it from the team with the same name) and we had an impromptu t-shirt giveaway!

In league news there are now only 3 points between the top five teams! We'll be rounding this season off on 29th March (5 weeks time!) AND there will be double points up for grabs on the last quiz, so the championship is still very much in the balance!

£40 up for grabs next week folks!!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

So close...

St Louis Quiz League - Spring 2016
-- Round 5 --

All change at the top ladies and gentlemen! Issue the Flugelhorn move up four places, but still very very tight with loads of points left until the end of March! With double league points on the last quiz it's still very much an open field...

Nobody won the cash this week, so it's up to an £80 jackpot next week!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016



After 4 rounds....

Here we go folks- I've left this until a reasonable league shape has started to form and... well well well... looks like there's going to be a fierce competition this season! We've had three different winners in four weeks, plus a lot of good days and bad days for some of our regulars that has left it tight at the top!

We'll be running until the end of March / early April with this league, so still plenty of time to get points on the board!

Jackpot went to the Red Team this week, so we'll be playing for £40 next week! See ya then!

Monday, 14 December 2015

One to go!

St Louis Pub Quiz League Championship WINTER 2015

There's been a cock up with the dates in the last post, but the scores should be right! 

Round Thingwy: 8th December 2015

Thierry's Henry Fanclub then, after two weeks' update are sitting proudly atop the Winter table; they can mathematically still be knocked off that perch, but it'll take a 12 point swing to do it (typo alert: points should read 385.5). 

Join us tomorrow for a festive celebration with lots of Christmas banter to be had! Prizes for the top 5, yeah!