Friday, 29 August 2014


St Louis Pub Quiz League Championship 2014/15

26th August 2014

Here it is folks! The start of the season- we've been busy getting out our abacuses (abaci?) and graphs and tiny little bits of paper with numbers on them in order to bring you the first two rounds of the quiz league table standings!

So... points are awarded as follows. Each attendance at the quiz will get you 2 league points, with additional merit points given out at each quiz for the teams finishing 1st - 5th in the following denominominominationses:
1st - 10 points

2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 1 point

With these points in the event that two teams tie for a place, a tie-breaker will take place as always where cash prizes are concerned, but points will just be given to both (i.e. tied second both teams will receive 7 points). I may also decide to strip the bar staff of their attendance points, as they have to be there, and they can't win anything anyway :)

In addition I'll be attempting to keep a running total of all the actual points-per-question given out at each quiz and totting them up over the season. At the end of the year everything will be added up and hopefully a shiny cup (or at least a big thing spray-painted gold) will be given out, hopefully along with some prizes if I can sort that out too. Also KUDOS! In the event that two teams are tied it will go down to who has the most quiz points over the year!
Got it? Good!

See y'all next Tuesday for the 3rd round of fixtures!

PS. If I've made any mistakes, or you've had a different name over a couple of weeks get in touch and I'll correct the table!

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  1. Oh, and as the weeks go by I might end up chopping teams below a certain attendance threshold just so the league doesn't become absolutely massive... I might not tho :D